Pastor Carrier's Books

Pastor Carrier edited the lessons taught by Elder Verbal Bean, into concise chapters on traits of a successful prayer life. 

If you live withn 20 miles of Salina - Pastor Carrier will deliver a complimentary copy - just send an email or call.


Prayer - translated into Spanish. 

"Oracion" is $10 per copy (price includes shipping).
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Works of the Holy Ghost

Teachings on channels of the operation of the Holy Ghost in the body of Christ.

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20,000 in Print!
A Man & Woman Passed This Way Blessed Of God

(Never succeeded - an 8th grade education - all looked hopeless - and then came Jesus! 

Brother & Sister Terry started their ministry in Bakersfield, CA in a storefront, and God richly blessed their ministry with membership over 1,000 & approximately forty ministers developed under his tutelage.

Added to this - a wonderful love story!

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The Battlefield

A history of Elder Bean revivals in Laurel, MS. Biblical truths - and the oppositions faced in the battle for souls.

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